Central Jersey Dustless Blasting

We are the Master Blasters


Here at Central Jersey Dustless Blasting, we strive to give our customers the very best Dustless Blasting experience possible. We are committed to providing a Safe, Eco-Friendly, paint and coating stripping procedure. By using Crushed Recycled Glass and Water, there is virtually no mess made, and clean up is fast and simple.  All though we are known for striping Paint, Primer, Bondo & Rust from Cars and Trucks, there is so much more we have to offer. Because we are Mobile, and Come to You, we can also Remove Paint from buildings, no mater what the building is made of. We also Remove Paint from Wood Decks or Concrete and Ashfault driveways. Such things as Graffiti Removal and Paint Stripes from Parking Lots and Curbs, is No Problem. If you would like to see this being used, Look at,  Dustless blasting .com  or  Dustless blasting on  You Tube. Thanks.

One of many Park Benches

Weather beaten multiple layers of Polyurethane ( left ). Blasted clean ( right ) 

Rust stain on concrete

A plumber pumped rusty water down a walkway, ( Every thing you see as white, has been Blasted Clean ).

Blasting Paint From Brick

This is the ONLY way to strip paint from brick, You should see how quickly I can get Graffiti off of anything.